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About Us
History and Credentials
The principals and staff of NL News Now include some of the founders and builders of this province’s media monitoring industry. Having previously built and operated 709News and serviced the media monitoring needs of the province since 1988, we provide an unrivalled ability to meet the needs of our clients. As a result, our clients receive the most efficient and comprehensive service available.

Local People and Knowledge
Our team is located throughout the province, we understand the unique content of our news and have a proven track record of accuracy and meeting client expectations. Our knowledge of the local environment (public figures and institutions, our history and culture, and our local industries and terminology) is second to none.

Local Coverage
We understand public participation through phone-in shows and community cable programming in our local media. It's unique to our culture, and local people cover it better than anyone.

We stand firmly behind the quality of our service. Like you, we live here and take great pride in our work, and “we’re just down the street” when you need us.

Competitive Edge
Simply put ... our experience and local knowledge translates to a competitive edge for your business.

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