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Media Monitoring
Whether you are a business needing comprehensive services, or an individual needing a single story, we are your source for news information. We can automatically keep you informed of what’s happening in your local news, and provide rapid access to transcripts and audio/visual clips as you need them.

NL News Now produces a headline for every story in every newscast in Newfoundland and Labrador. These headlines are compiled and delivered to our clients five times daily, once per day on the weekends.

Headlines are sent out after each major news cycle:
  • Morning News
  • Open Line
  • Mid-Day News
  • Evening News and Back Talk
  • Night Line
Custom Headlines
Subscribers can receive just those headlines related to their needs. Customization allows clients to provide specific keywords, topics and industry sectors so that they only receive relevant coverage. Customization is provided at no additional charge and there is no per-headline fee. Get all the news you need, and no billing surprises.

We provide a full transcript of the entire news story. Transcripts are usually provided within two-hours of ordering. All transcripts demanding urgent fulfillment are handled through our Premium RUSH service.

Standing Order
Whether you are in crisis mode or have an ongoing issue, there is no need to place an order for each individual item. Tell us what you need, and you will receive transcripts or clips automatically. We eliminate unnecessary duplicates and/or satellite station repeats.

Audio and Video Clips
We provide audio and video segments of any news or phone-in show. These items are delivered via a download link provided through email.

We will search our database for older stories as per your request. Our database contains all news headlines from March 01, 2010 onward. If you need to produce a research report on a specific topic, we have the capability to provide a fast and accurate listing of all relevant news items.

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